Occupational Health and Safety Training

Why Choose Momotheka?

Our training ensures you have a safer work enviroment


Safety starts with clear communication, that is why we start our training with the emphasis of communication. We also value great communicators to ensure that your objectives for your work environment are met.


We offer quality service without compromise. We at Momotheka understand even a simple compromise can cost an injury or fatality tomorrow. So we give you the best and quality because you deserve it.


We at Momotheka do not leave you stranded, you have our full support. We believe in building life long relationships, let us grow together.

Momotheka OHS Training is a start up company incorporated with the aim of investing and operating in the various industrial, public and private markets. The company started operating as a transport entity focusing mainly on transport and supply. The focus changed when the owner saw an opportunity for growth in the Construction, Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Mining and Petro Chemical industries. This saw the emergence of Momotheka OHS Training (Pty) Ltd, with an aim of strategically gearing up to take advantage in future opportunities in both public and private sectors. The company has since obtained the HWSETA accreditation which makes it one of the main role players in providing accredited training with Assessors, Facilitators and Moderators who are also HWSeta accredited. Momotheka OHS Training is a BBBEE Level 1 company that is 100% black women youth owned and managed, with Directors that are Historically Disadvantaged People. The company is founded on the spirit of diversity and cooperation, embracing and supporting all Government's efforts of economic and social transformation in our country. The company respects human dignity, social justice and equal economic opportunities as enshrined in our country's constitution.

We are an Educational and Training
Provider with the Health and Welfare
Sector Education and Training Authority
(HWSETA) to provide training aligned to
the Qualifications / or Unit Standards
registered on the National Qualifications
Framework that is specified in our
Provider Accreditation Transcript. All
Momotheka Assessors and Moderators
are registered with the HWSETA.

HWSETA Accreditation Number:

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